Bobby Calf Disposal


It is coming to that time of year again where you will be busy Calving again! To ease the stressful period Waikato Petfoods Limited are able to offer regular and one off bobby collections upon request. The team at Waikato Petfoods have been working together to ensure that we are able to provide an organised, efficient and humane service during this period.

Please see below for the following information: Organisation, schedule, payment terms and relevant forms for Autumn Calving (1 February 2021 - 1 May 2021).

Rules and Regulations

  • Calves must be ALIVE on arrival
  • Calves DO NOT have to be 4 days old for on farm slaughter
  • Waikato Petfoods accept Calves of ANY AGE for on farm slaughter only
  • Calves over the age of 24 hours must be fed within the 24 hour time period prior to the on farm slaughter
  • Calves CAN be fed penicillin milk (Please notify the driver)
  • WPF DO NOT take sick calves
  • Farms with regular Bobby collections do NOT have to complete an ASD or NAIT form on each collection, however you must complete a Young Calf Supplier Statement to cover your collections for 2021.


  • Waikato areas will have a 5- 6 day per week in some areas (Monday – Saturday) on farm slaughter only
  • Franklin areas will have a 5 day per week (Monday – Friday) on farm slaughter only. Please note that this may increase if there are a reasonable amount of collections in this area
  • Waikato Petfoods Limited can collect Calves of any age for on farm slaughter only
  • Waikato Petfoods Limited do not organise live transportation of calves, this needs to be organised and paid by the individual farm. Please note that calves must be a minimum of 4 days old to be transported alive
  • To ensure your regular collection please insure that you have either emailed [email protected] prior to Calving to secure your collection or call 07 444 5499. This helps hugely with our organisation, making it more efficient for farmers over such a busy time.

  • Large Calf: 35kg + = $8.00
  • Medium Calf: 25kg – 34kg = $5.00
  • Small Calf: 17kg – 24kg = $1.00
All prices are inclusive of GST

Payment Terms and Information
Payments for Calves will be made weekly – fortnightly into the nominated bank account. Please ensure that your payment details are up to date on your online farm account (please notify the office if there are any changes) or complete the new 2021 Farm Details form attached.

On each Direct credit you will have 3 columns as your reference: WAIKATO PF – Total number of Calves In payment – Dates e.g 3-7 Feb 2021.

The invoice copy will be left either with the farmer or the letter box after each collection. Statements are available upon request. Please email [email protected] or call 07 444 5499 to request this information at anytime .

Waikato Petfoods Limited DO NOT pay by Cheque. Why? Because banks are slowly phasing Cheques out (Kiwi Bank no longer accept cheques at all). Once WPF have your farm details you will be paid by direct credit. If you have any payment queries, please phone Lauren in the office on 07 444 5499 or 0273088397 and she will endeavour to meet your requests.

Frequently Asked Questions